Paducah Pawnshops.com takes pride in serving our customers with various types of loans.   Short term payday pawn loans, bail bond pawn loans or tax refund pawn loans. Unlike payday   loan companies that charge an estimated yearly interest rate in excess of 400% Paducah pawnshops per Kentucky state law charge 21% per month this includes NO LATE FEES and NO SERVICE CHARGES.

Interest rate as high as 593% interest per year if you do not believe this read the small print at the bottom of your contract or review their website and get an idea how much cheaper a pawnshop loan is compared to a payday loan company.

How do I qualify for a pawn loan? You must be 18 years old with a valid ID and have merchandise that has a cash value of your cash needs.

How long do I have to pay back the pawn loan? Generally speaking if you do not pay your interest monthly after 90  days you will receive a registered letter warning you of within 10 days your merchandise will be sold. If you stay in contact with the shop and pay your interest the merchandise will not be sold.

How do I pawn a motor vehicle? Send us a picture and bring the vehicle to our store it must be in your name with NO LIENS on the title and you will sign the title over to us and once the note is paid off in full you receive the motor vehicle back and the title.

 Can I pawn my gun? Ace Auto Pawn does not have a Federal Firearms license we are unable to take firearms in pawn.

Paducahpawnshops.com is owned and operated by a Paducah native and a diabled retired U. S. Navy Veteran.